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Since 1995 we have made life easier for professionals in the Personality Type field


Our story

We don't make snowmobiles, or ATVs, or manage venture capital. What we do produce are interpretive reports for the most popular Jungian based Personality Type assessment ever.

Back in the day, HR and training professionals, business coaches and consultants, therapists and social service professionals had to buy entire books or sets of pamphlets anytime they wanted a comprehensive interpretive report.

Then we came along. Who is "we"? Karen and Tim Dietz. Karen is a certified in the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and Tim is a software engineer.

As a consultant and trainer, Karen scratched her head at the difficulty in getting a judgement-free/strengths-based report only when she needed it -- that also fit her budget. Plus, reports at the time weren't very consistent -- the same information did not show up across all Types.

So she got busy: 

  1. First, she wrote personality type interpretive reports that were geared toward work settings.
  2. She also went for comprehensive interpretations. Full reports are typically14 pages.
  3. Then, she standardized the material so the same information showed up across all types.
  4. Karen then worked with other Personality Type professionals to remove as many author biases as possible.

Next came Tim, who designed 2 software packages for people to use. These desktop applications allowed users to:

  1. Generate the Personality Type reports Karen created
  2. Include the client's name on the report
  3. Add a cover page with all the business' contact data
  4. Select which Type information to share -- there's a lot of flexibility here
  5. Better yet, the software kept track of all your work -- easy peasy

The second program puts 2 Types side-by-side for easy comparison.

We were a hit and sold the software nationwide and globally.

Today we are working hard to switch everything over to the web. Programs won't get outdated, discs won't get lost, and tech problems will decrease.

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Hop over to the Reports page to learn more about the reports and download samples.

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